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General information about Baru

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Location: 45°28'15.82"N,  23°10'1.98"E
Baru is located in the southern part of Hunedoara County, at the south-west foot of the Șureanu Mountains and Northeast Mountains of Retezat, on the upper Strei River, in the southeast of Haţeg Depression, on DN66, Petroşani - Baru - Haţeg.

The archaeological excavations made over time have revealed materials that testify to the presence of man here from the Neolithic, so in the place named by the locals "The Rock of the Jews", there were found ceramic fragments belonging to the Coţofeni culture, and also at the "Pârvuleștilor Church".

A Dacian fortification was discovered at the "Gruișor Fountain", and at the top of the "Petros Valley" gorge there is a Dacian tower.
The Baru village belonged  until 1851 to the Army Corps of the Border Regiment of Orlat, which was part of the Transylvanian Military Border.

The economy of the locality is based on wood processing industry, the building materials industry (refractory materials), trade and agro-tourism, but especially on agriculture, land cultivation and animal husbandry.

Tourist spots
The Church of "St. Profet Ilie Tesviteanul" in Baru.
Natural Reserve "Tecuri Cave" (2 ha).
Cheile (Canion) Barului.
"Maria Hord Gârbea" Folk Art Museum.
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