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General information about Lăpugiu de Jos

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Locaion: 45°53'10.90"N,  22°28'49.44"E
Lăpugiu de Jos Commune is located in the north-west of Hunedoara County, 40 km away from Deva. The territory of the commune has a surface of 103 kmp and a hilly relief, blown by Lăpugiu, Fintoag, Valea Mare and their tributaries.

The commune consists of 10 villages, the village of residence being Lăpugiu de Jos. Faced with this, the villages are located between 3 km (Ohaba) and 8 km (Baştea). The link to the county residence is made on the national road DN 68A, Deva - Ilia - Lugoj and on the railway passing through the commune, only the villages of Baştea, Lăpugiu de Sus and Fintoag are not directly connected with the railway.
The administrative territory of Lăpugiu de Jos commune is west of Timiş County, to the north with the Zam and Burjuc commune, to the east with the commune of Dobra and to the south with the village of Bătrâna.
The main road access and transit route is DN 68A Deva - Lugoj - Timişoara, passing through Ohaba, nearroute with Lăpugiu de Jos, Lasau, Grind and Baştea at a short distance. The other villages are served by communal access roads.
Within the villages, outside DN 68A and DJ 680 B, from DN 68A to Lăpugiu de Sus, which have asphalt coatings, the rest of the roadways are of earth or cobblestone, requiring upgrades and route definitions or expansions to reach A width suitable to support a car traffic.

The railway traffic is on the route: Simeria-Ilia-Lugoj-Timisoara, important transport corridor with electrified line.
For the commune residence village, Lăpugiu de Jos, which is located in the administrative territorial center of the commune, access is made from DN 68A to DJ 680B. The population of Lăpugiu de Jos village is 158 inhabitants.
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