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General information about Lelese

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Location: 45°43'57.69"N,  22°41'56.49"E
Lelese is a commune in Hunedoara County, 48 km from Deva and 31 km from Hunedoara. The commune has 4 villages: Lelese, Cerişor, Runcu-Mare and Sohodol, authentic woodland villages, situated on top of the hill and not in the valley, as in the rest of the country.

Traditions and ancestral customs are preserved here, such as the measurement of the sheep, the villages, the sanctuaries of the villages, the gathering and keeping of the grass of the wind.

Each household keeps the forest costumes for generations, and locals wear them at every community event.
Local cuisine: pădureni pies, soup, țuică, from Cerişor, mashed purple potatoes.

Vestiges of these settlements were found in the caves of Runcu-Mare, Cauce-Cerişor, dating back to the early Neolithic Age and demonstrating continuity with the Bronze Age, Iron Age, the Dacian Age, the Roman Age until the Middle Ages.

The current names include Runcu-Mare, Cerişor Sohodol, Gostaia, in the year 1482, in the inventory of the Corvinus domains.
Lelese village appears later in 1662 in the locality of Gostaia.
Sohodol Household
Pădureni Household
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