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General informaion about Lunca Cernii de Jos

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Location: 45°38'13.48"N,  22°36'36.82"E
Lunca Cernii de Jos commune is made up of seven villages, namely: Lunca Cernii de Jos village of residence, Lunca Cernii de Sus, Meria, Fântâna, Gura Bordului, Negoi and Valea Babii. The perimeter of these villages is located in the southwestern part of Hunedoara County, at a distance of 70 km from Deva, the county seat, and 46 km from Hunedoara, the nearest town.

Lunca Cernii de Jos commune stretches over the branches of the Poiana Ruscăi Mountains, along the Cerna River. The relief of the commune is mountainous, strongly kneaded, represented by gentle and steep summits at an altitude of about 850 m.
Lunca Cernii de Jos commune is located in the eastern part of Topliţa commune and Răchitova commune, in the south with Densuş commune and Caraş-Severin county, in the west with Caraş-Severin County and Timiş County, and in the north with Bunila commune.
Facing Lunca Cernii de Jos residence of the commune, the villages are located at distances between 3 Km. (Lunca de Cernii de Sus) and 9 Km. (Fântâna).
The name of Lunca Cernii commune is itself from the meadow and from the Cerna River, which passes through the villages of Lunca Cernii de Sus and Lunca Cernii de Jos.

Lunca Cernei de Jos and Lunca Cernii de Sus are spread on more then 11 km. Along the Cerna River, on the ribs and the Lower Creeks, peasant dwellings dealing with animal husbandry and forestry work in the forest.

The Meria village is located on a mountain ridge over 1000 m altitude, separated from other villages by high peaks, deep valleys and valleys, though.

The Negoi is set on the Negoi Valley and the Sternos Valley, which leads to Băuţar village from Caraş-Severin County.
Until 1950, this village belonged to the commune of Răchitova.

The Fântâna, Gura Bordului and Valea Babii villages became independent villages in 1960.
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