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General information about Teliucu Inferior

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Location:   45°43'6.92"N,  22°53'31.95"E

The commune is located 10 km away from Hunedoara, and 30 km away from the county seat, Deva.Teliucu Inferior is a commune in Hunedoara County, Transylvania, Romania, consisting of the villages Cinciş-Cerna, Izvoarele, Teliucu Inferior (residence) and Teliucu Superior.

A place with great beauty and natural wealth, the commune ofTeliucu Inferior is an attraction for many tourists.

Cinciș Lake offers Romanian and foreign tourists a wide range of recreational and recreational possibilities: swimming, water skiing, bowling competitions, sports, fishing, hiking, etc.
This is where the Motel Cinciş, the Mittal Steel Complex and other accommodation have been built. In total there are 140 accommodation places.
All the villages in the commune, by their location in the hills or valley areas, through the hospitality of the people, offer many opportunities for tourism development, even agrotourism. In order for them to be put into practice, it is necessary to get more involved in promoting the area In all respects (including identifying a product to become a brand of the area).

The Teliucus was an important mining area in the antiquity. The Dacian-Roman workshop in Teliuc supplied iron with legion XIII Gemina, from Apulum, as well as the capital of the province, Sarmizegetusa.
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