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General information about Vețel

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Location: 45°54'4.57"N,  22°48'4.23"E
The access to the commune is on DN 7 that passes through the commune's residence. Commune Veţel is considered to be one of the most developed communes in Hunedoara County, located in the central part of the county, consisting of the villages Veţel, Mintia, Caoi, Leşnic, Herepeia, Bretelin, Muncelu Mic, Muncelu Mare, Runcu Mic, Boia Bârzii.

The main water course that crosses the commune's territory is the Mureş River. The administrative territory of Veţel commune is delimited north of the Mureş River and the communes of Ilia, Brănişca and Şoimuş, on the west by the commune Ilia, on the south by Cerbal and Pestişu Mic, and on the east by the municipality of Cârjiți and Deva.

Veţel commune has a rich historical past, endorsed by numerous remains and monuments that reveal the existence of human civilization in these lands from ancient times to the modern and contemporary age.

The oldest remains date back to the Neolithic period, but especially from the Dacian and Roman periods discovered on the site of the civil and military settlement of Micia, known in history as of great importance to the Roman province of Dacia.

Important monuments are preserved from the Middle Ages, the most representative being the Stone Church of Leşnic, the Feudal Castle and the Mintia Wooden Church. More details in the Historical Objectives section.

The inhabitants of the commune participated in the great historical events in the life of the Romanian people, such as the wars against the Turks led by Iancu de Hunedoara, the Uprising of Horea, Closca and Crişan, the Revolution of 1848, the Great Union from December 1, 1918, and the two World wars.

The commune's villages are documented since 1330-Mintia, 1371-Veţel, 1386-Boia Bîrzii, 1387-Căoi, 1394-Leşnic, 1453-Bretelin, 1491-Herepeia, Vulcan and Muncelu Mare, 1499-Runcu Mic, 1733-Muncelu Mic.
Vîrşag Pompilia, Veţel-traditional products jams, jams, syrups, zucusca, pickles
Popa Gabriel, Craftsman Wood Craftsman

Cabana Căpăţîna, from D.J. Veţel-Muncel
Bălan Mintia Horse Boarding House
Vila Cristina Lesnic
Home to: Families staying (in the Leisure Network of Houses under Operation Village Roumaine)

Veal Stall Hover
SC Alim Serv km 404 Vetel
Home to families and small farms.
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