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Natural attractions in Bătrâna

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1. Natural reservation "Codrii seculari" (139.3 ha)
The reserve has an area of ​​139.3 ha and is currently included in a site of community interest for the protection of natural habitats, wild flora and fauna species. The custody of the reservation is held by the Deva Forestry Department, through the Dobra Forest District.
The protected area covers the territory of two counties: Hunedoara (82%) and Timiş (18%). Most of the area is located on the territory of the village of Bătrâna, a suggestive name for the treasure it shelters. Geographical unit: Poiana Ruscă Mountains. Altitude: 750 - 1100 m.
Open to tourists free of charge.
No camping conditions. Routes arranged: yes.
Trails marked: no.
Viewing conditions: boots.

The Dobrişoara Valley and the Prisloapei shelter a natural forest reserve, where time has stopped, constituting a world of more than three centuries. The trees have quasi virgin and purine structures, with impressive dimensions.

Elements of biogeography (flora and fauna)
Around the locality there are beech forests, along with other wood species: fir, spruce, pine, larch, mountain maple, ash, hornbeam, birch.
Besides domestic animals and cultivated plants, wild animals can be seen,  such as wolf, fox, boar, bear, deer, rabbit, and the waters are rich in trout.  

The world of inferior plants has a good representation too:on the bark of the trees we meet lichens (Parnelia and Lecanora), the moss form carpets, and the ferns are bodering the mountain rocks. Edible mushrooms are to be found in a great variety.

2. Huda Roșie Cave (Piatra village)

Virtual Press youtube channel gives us a video with the village of Bătrâna in the winter, and Jack Jay channel - an overview of the surroundings
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