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Cultural events in Lăpugiu de Jos

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In the village of Ohaba, four big fairs take place annually, at well-established dates, known for a long time.
Three fairs have fixed dates, only one, Ispas, organizing themselves according to how this religious holiday falls.

Fixed dates take place in:
- February 2, The Lord's Prayer
- September 14, Ascension of the Holy Cross
- November 8, the Feast of the Archangels of Michael the Archangel Michael and Gavriil

All these big fairs take place on the plateau next to Ohaba's cultural home. Tourists can purchase traditional products such as plum brandy and sheep cheese.

Artistic collectives:
- The Dubașii Lasau
- Folk ensemble Lăpugiu de Sus, with numerous appearances on television and national and international contests.
Lăpugiu de Jos infoturism channel presents a few cultural  traditions
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