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The specific traditions of all the people in the commune are Nedei, sheep's measurement, the feast of the Sântoader, and the family-specific customs, the wedding and the funeral.

As the legend says, you must pass the forests to reach the Pădureni Land. On a narrow road, like a tunnel through the cool and fresh green forest, you get to one of the most beautiful settlements in the area, at Lelese. Those who come here are always warmly greeted and  offered the famous pădureni pies. No guest is treated as a stranger on these lands. Especially if it gets there, at the beginning of May, when the locals are celebrating the Sheep Measuring, a tradition preserved in the area for hundreds of years.

Measuring the sheep (Măsuratul oilor)
In the spring, the villagers take out the sheep for grazing in the designated common area outside the village. In order to determine the quantify of milk and cheese each family is entitle to during the year,  each Lelese family brings their sheep to the sheepfold and "measures" the milk production, usually in around  May 1st.  After all the sheep are milked, and the milk production determined per each family, the villagers organize a feast with Pădureni traditional food, dance and singing.   

Sheep measurement is an event filmed by Bonito Studio

Pădureni wedding at Lelese - event filmed by De prin sate adunate, excellent testimony of local traditions

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