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Cultural events in Lunca Cernii de Jos

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Nedeile are holidays specific to each locality.
In the wooded settlements it is not organized near the day of the saint who protects the church from the village, the data being established many years ago. As a rule, then cooked dishes are prepared and guests (relatives and friends) come from far away. After the job, the young men play musicians from neighboring villages. To the evening, the musicians come to the cultural home, looking forward especially to the young.
Finally, I tell you the Sunday days in the villages:

Lunca Cernii de Jos: October 26 - St. Dumitru.
Lunca de Cernii de Sus: November 8 - Saints Mihail and Gavril.
Meria: October 14 - Saint Parascheva.
Negoi: July 20 - St. Elijah.
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