The Geopark of Dinosaurs - Hațeg Country - Pădureni Land

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The Geopark of Dinosaurs

Protected Areas
Geopark of the Dinosaurs Country of Hateg is a voluntary association of 12 local communities and other organizations or volunteers who aim to promote the social, cultural and economic values ​​of the Hateg region.
The organizers of the Geopark of Dinosaurs project mapped the whole area of ​​the Haţeg Country and delimitated 6 historical cultural areas:
The huts of Hateg,
The volcanic hills,
Comrades with written stone,
Granite Valley,
Plains under the mountain and
Limestones land.

To know these areas, tourists are invited to go through 4 themed day trails designed to cover all 6 areas:
1. History and legends (Hateg - Pesteana - Sarmizegetusa - Ostrov - Riu de Mori - Suseni - Colt)
2. Nature and tradition (Haţeg - Sânămăria Orlea - Sălaşul de Sus - Cave - Mălăieşti - Nucşoara
3. Dinosaur Valley (Haţeg - Sânămăria Orlea - Sînpetru - Sibişel - Ohaba Sibişel)
4. The Volcano Road (Hateg - General Berthelot - Densus - Stei - Rachitova (optional).
The sites proposed for visiting include reference objectives from the history and culture of the Romanian people or reveal traces of the living of the dwarf dinosaurs and the spectacular geological transformations that resulted in the Carpathian mountains and these lands - details on the website

Here are the maps of the four thematic routes:
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