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Historical heritage in Bănița

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1. The Dacian Fortress (Cetatea Dacică)
The Dacian Fortress of Băniţa is one of the six Dacian fortresses in the Orastie Mountains, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage in Romania. The fortress is located in Bănita, Hunedoara and dates back to the time of Burebista. It was rebuilt under King Decebal and destroyed during the Dacian-Roman wars.

Fortifications include military buildings: enclosure walls, towers, battle platforms, defense waves. The task of the city was to block access to Sarmizegetusa Regia from the south. A watchtower was built inside the fortress, which made it a satisfactory observation of the area. Two murus dacicus-like walls of large dimensions were discovered.
Unfortunately, access to the hill on which the fortress is located is very difficult. The rock called the Bolii Fortress is 150 m high, surrounded by 3 steep walls and by the bank of the Bănița Stream.

Coming from Băniţa to Petroșani, on the E 79, there is a narrow curve to the left of the canton of the railway. Coming from Petroșani, access to the Dacian Fortress accesses occurs like this.
2. The Tower of Crivadia (Turnul din Crivadia)
The Crivadia Tower is located near the village of Crivadia, on the road to Băniţa commune in Hunedoara County. The tower was a customs point in the 16th century on the road connecting Transylvania to Oltenia through the Vulcan pass.
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