Tourist route: Hunedoara - Teliuc - Valea Runcu - Vadu Dobrii - Valea Bîlii (Bunila) - Hăşdău - Cinciş Motel - Hațeg Country - Pădureni Land

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Tourist route: Hunedoara - Teliuc - Valea Runcu - Vadu Dobrii - Valea Bîlii (Bunila) - Hăşdău - Cinciş Motel

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7. Hunedoara - Teliuc - Valea Runcu - Vadu Dobrii - Valea Bîlii (Bunila) - Hăşdău - Motel Cinciş
Distance: 78 km
Characteristics: cross the eastern part of the Poiana Ruscă Mountains. Unmodernized road. Asphalt only between Hunedoara - Teliucu Superior (6 km) and between Toplița - Cinciș Motel (8.5 km).

The first part, from Hunedoara to Vadu Dobrii, is common to Route 6 (see description on this route). From Hunedoara we go on the modernized road to Teliuc, to the confluence of the Cerna valley with the Govădja Valley. Here, near the village of Teliucu Superior, situated in front of the Cinciş Dam, we leave the modernized road that continues towards Ghelari and we follow to the right the unmoderned road from the valley of Govădja.

At Govădja village, we leave the road and the former narrow railway line to the Nădrabului valley (Crăciuneasa railway station) and continue to the right on the Runcu valley road. After passing Runcu Mare, we reach the crest area near the Vadu Dobrii forest village, situated on a plain at over 1000 m altitude.
Without going through the center of the village, the trail continues on the road that goes down to the left in the valley of Bili (Bunila).
After 14 km we reach the confluence with the Cerna valley, which in this place comes out of the strait (Cheile Cernei, see route 5).

We continue downhill on the Cerna Valley. Soon (2 km), the valley suddenly widens, leaving place for a wide area of ​​alluviums on which Haşdău commune is situated.
On the right is the road from Lunca Cernii on the Bear Valley. After crossing the localities of Haşdău and Dăbica, the Cerna valley turns northwards and narrows again between the slopes with sharp slopes.

After 3 km we reach the village of Toplița, situated at the confluence with the Vălariţa Valley. On the hill in front of us (north) lies the Ghelari Mining Center. From Topliţa to the Cinciş motel (8.5 km) the road is paved, soon we reach the queue of Lake Cinciş and pass the "Izvoarele" chalet.
After a more pronounced entry into the Lingina Valley (tributary to the right), the road leaves the strait of the valley in an open area where the lake widens.

We pass by the camping "Izvoarele", located on the waterfront, bypass a tributary that the lake sends an entrance and soon we reach the "Cinciş" motel, located on a promotor high above the lake.

source: Kräutner, Hans-Georg: Munţii Poiana Ruscă. Ghid turistic.
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