Interactive Cultural Map of Hațeg - Pădureni Microregion - Hațeg Country - Pădureni Land

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Hațeg Country, Pădureni Land
Welcome to the Interactive Map of the Microregion
Hațeg Country - Pădureni Land!
Do you want to plan in advance or to spontaneously focus on your holiday? Do you want to find an oasis of tranquility and rest, or participate in traditional local events? Do you want to visit the most popular landmarks in the area and find all the information you need, easy, fast and enjoyable?
You arrived at the right site!

The Hațeg Country - the Land of the Pădureni is the dream of the childhood fairy tales where majestic mountains, silk plains, clear lakes and endless forests conceal precious treasures that reveal generously to the thirsty traveler.
The region abounds in landmarks for all tastes, and our page gives you detailed information about all historic sites - fortresses, churches, monuments, museums, local customs, local craftsmen, local products, and local trails. We have also gathered for you a generous offer of accommodation and meals, information on medical and pharmaceutical services in the micro-region, so that you can enjoy your holiday in the most comfortable conditions.

The interactive touristic map provides both microregional information and information about each community.

Accessing the symbol allows you to filter out or hide some POI categories on the map.
The map is only displayed at resolutions larger than 480 pixels for better visibility for low-resolution display devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Microregion Hateg Country - Padureni Land, Map Legend 1
Microregion Hateg Country - Padureni Land, Map Legend 2

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