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Natural attractions in Bănița

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1. Peștera Bolii
Peștera Bolii or Bolii Cave, is a natural breakthrough accessible throughout its length, one of the few caves of its kind in the country.
Location: The cave is located in the northern part of Petroşani, 6 km away, on the road connecting Jiu Valley to the Haţeg Country, where the Retezat Mountains and Sebeş Mountains meet.
Name: The name of the cave probably comes from the Bolia family who had land and forests in the area since the 15th century. The name does not mean diseaseȘ in romanian language, boală/bolii is translated disease.
Description: The cave starts where the Jupâneasa stream is lost in the Jurassic limestone package through a spectacular portal of 20 m at the base and 10 m high.
The main gallery of the cave is generally large in size, sometimes extending into real spacious halls. Leakage formations appear in the high places and on the ceiling of the gallery. On a length of 466 m the gallery descends 3 m. At the end of the cave the stream is named Galbina.
Visiting conditions: During the 1960s the cave was set up with bridges passing over the creek but they were destroyed over time. The cave was abandoned until recently, when the local speleologists from the PETRO-AQUA Association moved to redevelopment. Slats have been installed to make it easier to walk through the entire underground gap without danger.
Artistic Manifestations: Musical concerts have been held since the interwar period in the largest hall of the cave. The Hall was called the Concert Hall and Dance Hall due to its distinctive acoustics. In 2007 on May 1, in the spirit of tradition, artistic events took place inside and outside the cave.
Biology: Two very rare species of bats have been identified.

Coming from Băniţa to Petrosani, on the E 79, there is a narrow curve to the left of the canton of the railway. Coming from Petrosani, access to the Cave - the same as access to the Dacian Fortress, appears like this.
2. Cheile Băniţei or Băniţei Gorges in Şureanu Mountains
Cheile Băniței are not a well-known destination. This spectacular sight should not be missed by any tourist on the Hațeg-Petroşani (E79) route, at a short distance from the road (approximately 400 m to the right of the railway tunnels) and easily accessible, about 8 km north of Petroşani in the Băniţa-Merişor-Baru corridor.

About 250 meters long, the keys were formed by the collapse of the ceiling of another cave, the water continuing erosion to the formation of the marmite spectacles, similar to those in the Corcoaia Gorge on Cerna or the Râmeţ Gorge in the Trascău Mountains.
Immediately at the entrance, there are some small excavations in the rock - former secondary courses of water, suggestively called "La nări" (At the nostrils).
Access beyond this point is very dangerous during summer storms or the end of spring when there are floods. Otherwise, the keys can easily go through mountain sandals, with shallow water generally. The brave tourists can also try "onshore" access on the slopes which are quite smooth, a more difficult variant due to the smoothness of the walls.
Above, at the top of the limestone block that rises between the road and the railroad, the Dacian Fortress of Bănița is "hidden", up to which only the bumblebee can go, and there is no definite path yet. A special perspective on the keys, especially late autumn, can be admired from the small hill behind the window, where we can only reach if we first request the owner's consent (it is a private domain).
Access to Cheile Băniței is extremely difficult because it is not signaled in any way. Moreover, if we do not see the decommissioned petrol station TCM Oil on the road Băniţa - Petroşani (on the right side if we come from Petrosani), we can not find the Bunăria Gorges. After we left the old gas station on the left, we pass by a decommissioned warehouse, next to the Bolly Cave Cottage, then over the wooden foot on the right, we have access to the entrance to the quays.

In addition to the interactive map below, access to Keys is illustrated here >
Because we missed the entrance to Bunici Gorges several times, here is a short video that will help you not repeat the same mistake.
Several video sequences at the entrance to Cheile Băniței
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