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Natural attractions in Lelese

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1. Valea Runcului (Runcu Valley)

2. Dealul Românului (Romanian Hill)

3. Caves

Cerişor-Cave Nr. 1
Cave Nr. 1 is also called the Great Cave or the Cerişor Cave. The cavity is located in the right slope of the Valea Runcului, at the top of Dealul Romanului, at approx. 650 m northeast of the village of Cerişor. The relative altitude of the cave is 100 m and the sea level is 580 m.
Cave Nr. 1 from Cerişor is a slope cavity with two entrances, a 125 m development and a 16 m elevation.

Cerişor-Cave Nr. 2
This cave, also called the Small Cave, is located in the northeastern part of Cerişor and is part of the cave 1 (The Great Cave),  from a karstic system comprising, in the Cerişor - Lelese area, with 10 caves, streams and avenues.

Cerişor-Cave Nr. 3
Cave Nr. 3 is situated lower than Cave Nr. 1 and operates at a later stage, after the waters of the Cave Nr. 1 found other drainage paths in their tendency to descend to the base level of the region, namely the Runcu valley.

The cave is located in the north-northeast part of the village Cerişor, at approx. 1.5 km (air distance), accessing a country road, practicable all year round, passing Cerişor - Lelese plateau to the northeast.
Another access road is made on the Valea Runcului , overcoming the western edge of the Govădjia village by 3 km, and then climbing on the right side of the river approx. 3 km on an accessible path all year round

Cerişor-Cave Nr. 4, „De la Crăciuneasa"
This cavity is located south of the village of Cerişor, at the end of surface exploitation at Crăciuneasa, being part of a set of small caves dug into dolomite limestone.
By consulting the CSPH archive we could not find the existence of speleological or archaeological works.
The recovery of part of the CSSH archive in 1999 showed, first, that the cave had another form, topographically, other dimensions, and secondly, that there was an archaeological survey of hard dimensions to be mentioned due to lack of scale.
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