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Natural attractions in Rîu de Mori

Hațeg Country > Rîu de Mori
1. Natural Reserve "Calcarele de la Faţa Fetii" (20 ha)
The limestone from Faţa Fetii is a protected area of national interest, located upstream of the village of Clopotiva, Hunedoara County, the Râu de Mori commune, in the Ţarcu Mountains, which corresponds to the 4th IUCN category (natural reservation, botanical type) included in the Geopar of Dinosaurs "Country of Haţeg".

The rescue, with an area of 3.0 hectares, which is under the Deva Forest Department, shelters species of exceptional scientific interest, such as Centaurea Retezatensi, Hepatica transsilvanica, Hepatica media, Leontopodium alpinum, Lilium jankae, Aconitum antihora.
2. Bucura Lake, the largest glacial lake in Romania - Glaciar Lakes in Retezat
It is located in Bucura under the Peleaga Peak and Șaua Bucurei. It is oriented in the north-south direction, at an altitude of 2,040 m. The surface of the lake is 8,90 ha, 550 m long and the average width is 160 m, and the perimeter about 1390 m. The maximum width is 225 m and the estimated volume is about 625,000 m³.

The maximum water depth of the lake is 15.5 m, at the entrance of the Pelegii Spring in the lake. The lake is powered by 5 main springs. Lake water spills through a single emissary that sends it to Lake Lia, with a flow of about 250 liters per second. The fishery population is indigenous, and there are no artificial populations in the lake.
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Access to the lake is from the Hațeg - Caransebeș road, from km 61 (Cărneşti) through Clopotiva - Grebla - Gura Zlata - Gura Apei, about 35 km of paved road.
From here it goes up the forest road that stops at Dracşanu, 14 km away.
Then, passing through the Fetele Voilesei waterfall, following the valley of Lăpuşnicul Mare, to Gura Bucurii, and passing by Lake Lia, you reach Bucura.
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