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Natural attractions in Sălașu de Sus

Hațeg Country > Sălașu de Sus
1. Nature Reserve "Vârful Poieni" (0,8 ha)
Vârful Poieni (Poieni Peak) is a protected area of national interest, which corresponds to IUCN category IV (natural reserve, botanical type), included in the Geopark of Dinosaurs.

On an area of 0.8 ha, the reserve is located near the national road DN 66 Deva - Petroșani, on the territory of Sălașu de Sus commune.

On the cliffs of "Poieni Peak" there is a xeric vegetation (adapted to dry conditions) with outstanding floristic elements. The specialists who researched the area (N. Boşcaiu) declare that here is the only certain resort in the country for the species Plantago holosteum.
2. The natural reserve "Fânațele cu narcise Nucșoara" (20 ha)
"Fânațele cu Narcise Nucșoara" is a natural protected area of national interest, corresponding to the 4th IUCN category (botanical nature reservation), included in the "Haţeg Country" Dinosaur Geopark.

The natural reserve is located in the area of Nucşoara, Sălaşu de Sus, in the southern part of Hunedoara County, and has a surface of 20 ha, representing the vestige of an old hydrophilic association where the endemic plant Peucedanum rochelianum appears. The landscape aspect gives it the presence of yellow or white daffodils that bloom in May and early June.
3. Cascada Lolaia - Lolaia Waterfall
Cascada Lolaia (Lolaia Falls) is a spectacular natural attraction located at 1,050 meters altitude in the northern part of Retezat National Park and is accessible for visitors throughout the year through the place called Cârnic. This is where 90% of tourists visit the park every year.
It is possible to reach Cârnic on the route Sălașu de Sus - Nucşoara - Cârnic, the last 5 km being crossed on a forest road.

Starting from Cârnic, on the forest road leading to Cabana Pietrele (Pietrele Chalet), we turn left to the indicator on the side of the road, then follow the footpath along the slope, equipped with steps and railing. The Lolaia Falls can be admired from a safe belvedere point.

Car access is allowed all year round to Cârnic. From here, there are only 20 minutes walk to the cascade. For Experienced Tourists, Agent Green and APNR last year set up the The Luptial Way, a more difficult yet spectacular route that can be traversed in 11 hours and crossing the entire park from south to north, starting from Butii Gorge (South) and arrival to Cîrnic (north).

4. Other natural attractions
Cârnic is one of the two entrance gates in the Retezat massif, located in the area of the Hațeg Country - Pădureni Land micro-region, so the mountain trails that can be approached from this point are many, of rare beauty.
Here is a short list of them: Lacul Stânișoara, Lacul Bucura, Vârfu Mare, Vârful Păpușa, Vârful Peleaga, Lacul Galeș, Tăul dintre Brazi, Lacul Lia, Cârnic – Șaua Ciurila, Poiana Pelegii, Lacul Sfânta Ana - there are 80 glacial lakes in massive Retezat.

The indicator of the uphill trails found at Cabana Codrin gives us a picture of the many mountain trails that can be approached, having its starting point in Cârnic.
Cârnic offers accommodation facilities in 3 cottages: Lolaia, Cascada, Codrin.

Careful! Cabana Pietrele (Pietrele Chalet), one of the destinations that can be reached from Cârnic, is inexplicably closed between 11 o'clock and 14 o'clock.
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