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Natural attractions in Sântamaria Orlea

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Youtube ABSOLUT Inc. Imobiliare channel gives us a movie with the surroundings of the commune
The Geopark of Dinosaurs
The Geomedia Association launches the "The Dinosaurs Valley Thematic Route project. New Approach to Tourist and Educational Valuation of the Dinosaurs theme".
In the 8 km of the themed trail, tourists will have the opportunity to cross the places where the dinosaurs once lived, and let themselves get caught up in the charm of the Haţeg Country.
The project will be carried out with the financial support of the Partnership Foundation and MOL Romania, within the framework of the Green Space Program.
From this summer, tourists arriving in the Geopark of the Hazel Countryside Dinosaurs will have the opportunity to discover the area following the trail of dwarf dinosaurs. The project initiated by the Geomedia Association aims at redeveloping the thematic path named "The Dinosaurs Valley", considered one of the most beautiful 7 thematic paths in Romania.
The trail will be 8 km long, on the Sînpetru - Ohaba Sibişel - Nucşoara route, it can be walked on foot, by bicycle and partly by car, and along it visitors will be able to cross the places where, with approx. 120 years old, Ilona Nopcsa, sister of the first dinosaur researcher in the Land of Hauteg, Franz Nopcsa, discovered the first dinosaur fossils. But on their way, the tourists will also be able to dine at the visiting centers "The Dwarf Dinosaurs House", "Casa Tradiţiilor" and the Visitor Center of the Retezat National Park from Nucşoara, will be able to admire the church from Sînpetru village, granite fields, landscapes, specific habitats, local architecture, and learn how people were using their natural resources by visiting the Folk Technique Complex in Peştera village.

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