Tourist route: Vadu Dobrii - Valea Runcului - Hunedoara - Hațeg Country - Pădureni Land

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Tourist route: Vadu Dobrii - Valea Runcului - Hunedoara

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6. Vadu Dobrii - Valea Runcului - Hunedoara
1 h 53 min (51.3 km) Via DC117
At the entrance to the Vadu Dobrii locality, situated on a high slope, over 1000 m altitude, we are at one of the main communication hubs inside the massif, where there are 7 important roads, of which three are forestry roads (Bîlii Peak, Runcului Peak and Vadului Peak) and four roads that lead to Ruschiţa, Poiana Răchițele, Ghelari and Meria.

Without going through Vadu Dobrii, the trail follows to the left the forest road that descends to the Runcu valley.

Unlike Vaduu Dobrii, dredged in crystalline shale, the Runcu valley crosses the largest part of the course of the dolomite and limestone rock massif in the eastern Poiana Ruscă Mountains (dolomites of Hunedoara).

That's why the aspect of the relief is dominated by steep rocky slopes. In the middle of the valley, we pass through the Runcu Mare commune, which extends along the narrow valley over a distance of 7 km.
At the confluence with the Nădrab valley, near the village of Govăjdia, we meet the former narrow railway linking Hunedoara with Crăciuneasa, so far. Two decades the only way of transporting iron ore from Ghelari to the blast furnace at the Hunedoara Ironworks.

Downstream of Govăjdia Station, the valley is named Govăjdia Valley. It is also framed by steep slopes made up of dolomite rocks.

Following the way down this valley, we leave behind the Tulea and Cătinaș hamlets, we pass under the underground transport of the ore from Ghelari to Teliuc and after 9 km we reach Teliucu Superior.
From here we follow to the left the paved road to Hunedoara, along the Cerna valley.

We pass through the Teliuc mining center and near the iron ore enrichment station by roasting and we reach 6 km from Hunedoara.

Variant: If we want to overnight at Cinciş Motel, we follow the modernized road between Teliucu Superior and Teliucu Inferior climbing in serpentine to the slope on our right to Cinciş. Prior to entering the village, we went to the right on a modernized road, which, passing by the dam and the Cinciş Lake, reached 2.5 km from the motel. Here is the map from Tulea to Hotel Cinciş.
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